June 22, 2024

Tudum-Rückblick: Alles, was ihr von der Show in Südkorea verpasst haben könntet

Tudum Recap: Everything You Missed From South Korea’s Show

Welcome to Tudum 2022, the global event for Netflix fans, an exciting day filled with exclusive news, never-before-seen footage, trailers, announcements and interviews with the biggest Netflix stars and filmmakers. The free virtual event is a tribute to the Netflix fan base. Fans around the world can look forward to the latest news on over 120 series, movies, specials, and games.

  • At 11:00 AM KST (4:00 AM CEST), Todom kicks off an exciting show from South Korea.

  • At 11:00 AM IST (7:30 AM CEST), fans can look forward to interesting announcements from India.

  • Tudum’s two-part show will begin at 10:00 AM PT (7:00 PM GMT) with the first part coming out of the US and Europe, then at 11:30 AM PT (8:30 PM GMT) ) The second part of Latin America with surprises from other countries.

  • At 1 PM JST on September 25 (6 AM CEST), our Japan Superstars will finish their Tudum with a tribute to Japanese entertainment.

The global Tudum event for fans is available worldwide in 29 languages ​​across different netflix youtube channels Available, for example at YouTube.com/Netflix. From the official Netflix fan site, Tudum.com/eventThere is always the latest news about the global fan event. So stay tuned for more updates from the show.

after liking squid game Inspired by MayTree’s a cappella presenter to start the show, Tudum hosts caught hot Choi Min Ho (amazing) And the Cho Yi Hyun (We are all deadIncrease your mood with dance number. Greetings came from Lee Hyun-woo Ryo who made an exclusive clip Money Heist: Korea – Part Two It was in his bags.

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Moon Sae Hoonknown from Get out of one hell Join Choi Min-ho and Cho Yi-hyun in the Tudum Stage from before Shin Ji Yeon From the first season of Get out of one hell He took fans on a behind-the-scenes tour of the reality series. This title and more are previewed at the full Tudum event.

In terms of reality series, fans have also seen a preview of the new series Physical: 100100 contestants compete to see who has the perfect body.

famous korean mediators Yoo Jae SukAnd the Lee Kwang Soo And the Kim Yeon Kong Present viewers with their new reality series that deals with traditional jobs.

Choi Min Ho He left the Tudum stage for him amazing-Co-Star Chai Su Bin Behind the scenes to jointly answer questions about her drama series in the fashion world.

Choi Min-ho and Cho Yi-Hyun have canceled the new drama someoneAnd the glory Show excerpts from the previously unreleased thriller Errors And the twentieth century girl.

After seeing complements DPAnd the Beautiful house And the We are all dead After celebrating and showing fans an exciting preview of Tudum: A Netflix Global Fan, hosts Choi Min-ho and Cho Yi-hyun were kicked off the stage by monsters falling from the sky. This can only mean one thing: destined to perish Will be back soon!

Presented at the end of the show squid gameDirector Hwang Dong-hyuk – An unreleased clip from the first season.

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That’s it from South Korea. Stay tuned for more news from India, North America, Europe, Latin America and Japan throughout the day.