September 30, 2023

Trump wants to stop more Chinese apps

Trump wants to stop more Chinese apps

DrUS President Donald Trump has banned eight Chinese apps. The outgoing incumbent signed the law on Wednesday evening. This step is expected to add more tension in US-China relations two weeks before the transfer of power to Democrat Joe Biden.

Affected apps include Alipay Payment Service from Ant Group, QQ Wallet from Tencent Holdings, WeChat Pay, and WPS Office software from Kingsoft Office Software. The Chinese Foreign Ministry, in turn, announced “necessary measures” to guarantee legitimate rights for Chinese companies, but did not enter into more specific terms.

According to a senior US government official, the ban is intended to reduce the risks to Americans who come from these Chinese software applications. As justification, he drove their access to a large scale
User information and sensitive data.

The list speaks of “aggressive steps” to protect national security. Now it is the turn of the Commerce Department to determine which transactions will be specifically affected within 45 days
she. However, according to insiders, the division wants to become active early on.

So far, Biden, who will take office in Washington on January 20, has given little insight into the details of his future policy toward China. It is possible that he will be able to cancel Trump’s list immediately. His team did not want to comment.

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