December 10, 2023

Trump tax documents should go to Parliament

Trump tax documents should go to Parliament

United States of America

Justice Department: Trump’s tax documents should go to Parliament

The US Department of Justice has ordered tax authorities to submit former President Donald Trump’s tax records to a House committee.

Trump’s tax documents must be verified.


(dpa) Under the Trump administration, the Justice Department has refused to turn over the documents. President Joe Biden’s Justice Department has now declared that Parliament has an “urgent interest” in clarifying whether the president has accepted unauthorized money from abroad, influenced foreign countries, or perhaps “personal economic entanglements.”

The Finance Ministry should instruct the IRS to hand over confidential documents to the Finance and Tax Committee, according to the ministry’s decision on Friday.

Contrary to political conventions in the USA, real estate tycoon Trump has not made his tax return public either as a candidate or as president later. Resist surrender to the Supreme Court. The documents have since been received by the New York Attorney General’s office, but no details have been allowed to be published – unless there is a trial. Handing him over to Congress will likely be more sensitive for Trump: There, the pool of authorized access is somewhat larger, and, under certain circumstances, individual details may be released in the course of the commission’s investigation. In addition, secret things frequently leak out of Parliament.

House Speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, immediately hailed the decision as a “victory for the rule of law.” She wrote on Twitter that access to Republican tax records is a national security issue. “The American people deserve to know the facts about conflicts of interest and how that undermines our security as president,” Pelosi said.

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