October 5, 2023

Trump Republicans are hanging on to Cheney and Green

Trump Republicans are hanging on to Cheney and Green

House Republicans hold on to both Trump critic Liz Cheney and extremist Marjorie Taylor Green – although they couldn’t be different. With this, parliamentary group leader Kevin McCarthy points to unity. But that didn’t solve the real problem.

Liz Cheney at a party for Brian Siknik, the slain Capitol Security Guard, in Washington on February 3. As number three in the Republican faction, she is openly against Trump.

Irene Schaff / AP

The fiery speech by Kevin McCarthy, the Republican parliamentary leader in the House of Representatives, may have been the end of a four-hour session. McCarthy is said to have said on Wednesday evening: “You chose me as your leader, let me lead!” Or perhaps it was the way Liz Cheney, number three in the Faction, confronted her critics. A Wyoming lawmaker listened politely when parliamentary groups complained that of all people, the highest Republican woman in Washington had supported impeachment against then-President Donald Trump on January 13. But she did not move from her position. You have no regrets, Cheney said, and this statement may bring back memories of her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney.

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