“Trump has lost a lot of weight”

Do you think Trump will really run?

I do. Argument against him: He is now 76 years old. The last time I saw him was last weekend in April. I was in Mar-a-Lago. He lost a great deal of weight. He plays golf a lot, which is really good. He goes out practicing. It looks very comfortable.

“I’m sorry. I just gave a speech here.” A fan interrupts us. The woman asks him to “definitely come back”. Farage maintains close contacts in the USA – he advocates networking between the international right, such as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who spoke at the CPAC on Thursday, or Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. He is also linked to the right-wing AfD in Germany. He also recommended that the Austrian FPÖ leave the European Union.

I said Trump was comfortable.

Next District: Ben Klein, US House of Representatives, from Virginia. Klein says he wants to “build bridges, especially in the area of ​​free trade agreements.” It is one of the great promises made by former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson – it has been kept. There is still no trade agreement with the United States. Farage discourages a conservative congressman. It didn’t work under Trump for four years because conservatives in Britain didn’t believe in it. “Now you have Biden,” Farage says.

‘You won’t be able to push this forward’: Nigel Farage disappoints Republicans. (Source: Bastian Brauns / t-online)

But everyone in the United States is now talking about Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida. He is considered one of Trump’s main rivals among Republicans. Do you think it is better to wait?

Ron DeSantis is incredibly talented. Very impressive. I had dinner with him last April. I was very impressed.

Can he do something Trump can’t?

What he shows in Florida is that he is very qualified. As a governor, he can make laws. He does it very well. The crucial question for the Republican presidential nomination is: Which of the two candidates is likely to win in the US Midwest: Trump or DeSantis? I think Trump probably will.

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