July 13, 2024

Trump auditors cut cooperation

Trump auditors cut cooperation

Donald Trump must find new auditors. (Archives)

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Trump auditors have long been talking about an “inevitable conflict of interest” separate from the former US president. The background is the investigations against the Trump Organization.

The long-term audit firm of the former US President Donald Trump He ended the collaboration and canceled financial reports while investigating his company’s empire. In a letter to the Trump Organization, Mazars said the end of the working relationship was due to an “inevitable conflict of interest.”

This emerges from court documents as of Monday (local time). The auditors also came to the conclusion that annual budgets for the period between June 2011 and June 2020 are “no longer reliable”. The company advised the Trump Organization to notify degree holders.

Annual accounts may not be reliable

“Although we have not concluded that the various financial statements as a whole contain material inconsistencies, given the sum total of circumstances, we believe our advice to you that you should no longer rely on these financial statements is reasonable,” she said in the February 9 letter.

The auditors prepared the financial statements based on information provided by Trump and his company. The Trump Organization was disappointed with the auditors’ decision, quoted The “New York Times” reported a statement from the company. However, it shows that prosecutors’ investigations are unnecessary.

Allegations of fraudulent business practices

the New York Attorney General’s Office Trump’s corporate empire is accused of fraudulent business practices. New York Attorney General Letitia James explained that the goal of these practices is to obtain “a variety of economic benefits,” such as insurance protections or tax cuts.

“As recent filings show, there is mounting evidence that Donald J. Trump and the Trump Organization used fraudulent and misleading financial reports for economic gain,” Democrat James said Monday. The comprehensive investigation revolves, among other things, around the suspicion that the Trump Corporation provided false information about the value of its real estate.

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