June 23, 2024

True guessing stars can be found in this (wax) treasury of horror... - Dear gentlemen

True guessing stars can be found in this (wax) treasury of horror… – Dear gentlemen

In other words, some of them are lucky enough to wear name tags…

Otherwise, we wouldn’t even recognize Madonna after staring at her for so long. The photo of the owner of the nail salon from Bottrop can also be used. This is not what a millionaire pop star looked like in real life. Even after adjusting her real colors, she still doesn’t look like herself.

Many other celebrities who have wax statues in museums around the world are in the same boat. Since some of the pictures are very similar to the horror wardrobe, the stars cannot be seen.

Here is a compilation of the “best”…Accuracy is not guaranteed. And who is the last person in the picture? Helen Mirren, words fail us. Probably. She is said to be Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom. Quite frankly. We only see Camila… Photo courtesy of TNI PRESS LTD Who do you see in this photo? Helmut Schmidt, who is this? This comparison would offend him. Sure, a red bathing suit, a bust size…but it’s meant for Donald Trump Photo: TNI PRESS LTD But you can’t look anywhere else. The wig was most likely made from the remains of straw. Pаm has never had many wrinkles. Only true fans know this: Tom Cruise Photo: TNI PRESS LTD If this had made it to the big screen, “Glаdiаtor” would have been a failure… Photo: TNI PRESS LTD If the Titanic hadn’t sunk long ago… Photo: TNI PRESS LTD Lara Croft had a good look in her eyes. Hold on to the rope while one eyelid hangs low. Photo: TNI PRESS LTD So you never miss a laugh. Is Sylvester Stallone the same way? Image courtesy of TNI PRESS LTD 007. HERE WITH THE RIGHT TO FEEL AWARE Photo: TNI PRESS LTD And now for the big question: Who the hell is that? Mousetrap hands are not made by Edward… Image courtesy of TNI PRESS LTD.

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