June 14, 2024

Trudeau is against the abolition of property

Trudeau is against the abolition of property

United Kingdom – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spoken out against the abolition of the monarchy in his country. Trudeau told BBC Radio 4 on Monday that the parliamentary monarchy system offers “extraordinary stability”. “We have an exceptional Governor General who embodies the best of Canadians and we have a crown that oversees what happens, sometimes from a comfortable distance.” Speaking on the sidelines of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in London, Trudeau said the system is well balanced and serves Canadians very well.

The British monarch is also the head of state of Canada, which was once part of the United Kingdom. Recently, half of the population has indicated in opinion polls that they want to change the form of government.

Trudeau said he first met the Queen more than 40 years ago when his father, Pierre, was prime minister. “I will miss her so much, I am still treating her.” It’s strange being in London and unable to meet the Queen. The prime minister said his relationship with the queen was “exceptional”. “I was able to keep them updated on what’s happening in Canada, but I also had real, deep, thoughtful conversations about global affairs.”

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