May 22, 2024

Troy Deeney's goal at his UK Open rally as part of the World Nineball Tour: Not to embarrass myself and move the sport forward | Snooker News

Troy Denny: “Being limited in my abilities and having so many people expect the world from me… I'm used to that! My ultimate goal for this is to move the sport forward as much as possible”; Watch the UK Open Pool Championships live on Sky Sports from May 7-12

12:22 UK time, Tuesday 16 April 2024

Former professional footballer Troy Deeney will play on the Nineball World Tour as a wildcard player at the UK Open Pool Championship in Telford, live Sky SportsHe revealed his goal to “move the sport forward.”

Deeney, who featured over six Premier League seasons for Watford, scoring 47 goals, will compete in the UK Open Pool Games with the opening four days live on Matchroom's YouTube channels and then the final two days live on Sky Sports From 11 to 12 May.

The 35-year-old last played for Forest Green Rovers in League Two this season, before taking on a player/manager role during the season and being sacked in January, but he will now appear on screens playing a very different sport.

“It's something different, isn't it? Something completely new,” Denny said. Sky Sports. “I just like pushing the boundaries a little bit, seeing how it goes.

“I've always had the utmost respect for any athlete in any profession. Doing what they do takes hours and years of training and dedication, so why not give it a try when the opportunity presents itself?”

“It was a no-brainer really.”

Deeney played for Forest Green Rovers in League Two last season and has since taken on the role of player-manager

Regarding his goals for his next project, Denny spoke in a realistic tone, without completely ruling out his chances.

“The goal is to go out there and not embarrass myself to be honest, but also be humble enough and vulnerable enough to know that these people have been doing this for years,” he said.

“You can't put in a few months of real training and many years of playing weird — sometimes with a beer in hand, too — and expect to beat these guys.

Denny says he is sure his “competitiveness will flow through” during the UK Open Billiards Championships in Telford

“But I know that as soon as I get involved in anything, my competitiveness will flow anyway. I'll give it a good try.”

“Being limited in my abilities and having so many people expect the world from me…I'm used to it!

“My ultimate goal with this is to move the sport forward as much as possible.”

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