July 16, 2024

Trek Future Racing athletes show their class once again

Trek Future Racing athletes show their class once again

Trek Future Racing shined throughout the year with consistently great performances. Mountain bikers from the Friedrichshafen and Ötztal teams also raced to Mont St. in Canada at the end of the season. Delivered in Anne. Björn Riley finished third in the final World Cup, thus making it onto the podium.

Tobias Lillelund was pleased with the rainy and muddy “Danish” conditions in Canada. Despite a short pit stop, Lillelund finished fourth and was very happy. Mario Barre battled the rain and cold and had to settle for 26th place.

Emily Johnston breaks the rules

Canadian champion Emily Johnston traveled to the World Cup on home soil with high expectations. However, she was unwell (runny nose and scratchy throat), but she still finished eleventh, behind her teammate Tamara Wightman (tenth in the last U23 race).

“The first year of Trek Future Racing is coming to an end – a year with a lot of development work, some surprises and great results,” says team boss Bernd Reutemann. “We’re going to resume in December and we’ll be spending time with the stars of Little-Trek for the first time. Thanks to my team for their passion to make Trek Future Racing a globally successful young team.

Mixed results for David’s list

“Give it full throttle again and then a well-deserved and longed-for break from the season will come.” David List of the Lexwear Mountain Bike Team shares the thoughts of almost all beginners ahead of the last cross-country World Cup of the season. in Mont Sainte Anne in the Canadian province of Quebec. Things didn’t go according to plan for the mountain biker from RSV Zeros Friedrichshafen. “It wasn’t where I wanted to be,” he complained after finishing 45th in the men’s elite race, “but it was okay because of the special circumstances.” In the beginning, the driver was involved in minor skirmishes and he too had problems. Shoes. “These were due to extreme conditions,” the 23-year-old was quoted as saying in the Lexwear announcement. On the shortest route, the list reached the 29th position.

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