April 25, 2024

Travel during the pandemic - planes from Europe to the beaches - only the British have to wait

Travel during the pandemic – planes from Europe to the beaches – only the British have to wait

Fleets are quickly replenished so they can serve the growing number of reservations. Lufthansa flies to the shores of the Mediterranean with jumbo jets. But bookings are on the list: easyJet currently does 85 per cent of its business in Europe and only 15 per cent in the UK – before the pandemic it was half and half of it.

Airlines are desperately trying to take off again after the pandemic has practically forced them to leave their planes on the ground since the start of 2020. After a bumpy start, vaccination campaigns have now accelerated. This means that travel to Europe will happen again: from July 1, holders of the digital proof of vaccination, cure or test will again be able to easily travel back and forth across the 27 member states of the European Union. He said this week that the European Union also wants to allow tourists from the United States and a few other countries to return.

“We have rescheduled routes that were supposed to go from Great Britain to other European countries because we are ordering there,” said Johan Lundgren, CEO of easyJet. “There is just too much catching up when it comes to travel.”

Wide body aircraft for short trips

The airlines are hoping for a quick cash flow through a quick return for those wishing to travel. They also need it to fix their balance sheets and raise new capital. The demand is there: Lufthansa announced last week that it will use its long-haul Boeing 747-8s with 364 seats on the only two-hour flight from Frankfurt to Mallorca, after bookings to the Balearic Island have increased twenty-five-fold since then. April after travel regulations were relaxed. The jet will operate the route on four consecutive Saturdays starting July 17. An Airbus A350 wide-body aircraft from Munich was also used.

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“When borders and tourist attractions reopen, people won’t be able to wait and the recovery in air traffic will be similar to what is happening in the United States,” said Helen Baker, an analyst at Queen in New York. “Everyone wants their share of the tourist dollars they can get there, and reservations jump once restrictions fall.”

Ryanair will be tried in the United Kingdom

It looks different in Great Britain: there is still an obligation to quarantine after returning from many regions. Portugal was removed from the list of least worrying travel destinations earlier this month. Therefore, British Airways is bringing staff back to work for a short time. Irish low-cost airline Ryanair wants to take the rules to court. Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair, complains that “UK travel rules are in shambles”.

Until that changes again, airlines there simply have to serve more lines on the European mainland, says John Grant, an analyst at flight data company OAG, also because there will be more clarity there. “Germany is open so that airlines can plan better,” says Grant. “Summer is really strong there and there is also a year and a half to catch up.”

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Worldwide, air traffic supply this week increased by about two percentage points to 61 percent from the 2019 level, according to weekly data received and processed by Bloomberg News from OAG.

Last weekend, the number of daily air travelers in the United States was more than two million for the first time since the start of the pandemic and reached nearly three-quarters of the 2019 level. Supply in the United States is now 80 percent of the 2019 level. Yes, many of them are lagging For local and international communications. The main destinations for Americans abroad currently are Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Colombia and Costa Rica, according to a presentation by American Airlines.

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As hardly anything operates across the North Atlantic, which connects the USA to Europe. This is the most profitable route in global air traffic with many first and business class seats. This should improve now if the European Union lifts entry restrictions for US citizens.