June 14, 2024

Training with Roundnet Club Graz: “Spikeball” sport trend in testing

When it’s warm outside in Graz you can see people playing around small trampolines, often yellow and black – the sport is called “Roundnet”, but is often colloquially referred to as “Spikeball”. “Mein Bezirk” hit the bottom of the sport during a training session with Roundnet Club Graz (RCG).

Graz. already for several years Roundnet, slang also Spike ball named, More and more foothold in Graz. Sports for one only Small round trampoline, plastic ball And a little green meadow She is actually from the United States, but she is very popular in Graz, especially with schoolchildren and students, where you can look at different parks in Graz shows, where Roundnet players are a strong presence.

Thomas Basscheidhead to Roundnet Club Graz (RCG) He describes the sport as follows: “The object of the game is similar to beach volleyball. But instead of playing across the net, here you play on a trampoline in the middle and try to get the ball back in up to three touches. The rules are very similar, except you play 360 degrees around the net since The moment you give it to her.” This leads to a very fast game with a lot of ball contact, Pschaid continues. During a training session with RCG my area Fell in the midst of turmoil.

Spikeball training in the club

The training began with a warm-up together, in which, in addition to activating the muscle groups mainly used, the legs, arms and shoulders, the focus was above all on working with the ball. Through light “juggling exercises”, the feeling of a playing device was created.

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What was already second nature for practicing club members required maximum focus from Meinbezirk.at editor Markus Krupac.  |  Photo: Konstantinov

Next, “Service”, i.e. am Additional cost, a job. This will 2.60m trampoline , while allowing a side step before serving to change the angle. As is generally the case with Roundnet, it quickly becomes clear that technique is a more important factor than pure strength, because the flatter the ball leaves the trampoline net, the harder it is for the opponent to accept the information. Particularly “strong” information, which beginners especially like to experience, is usually relatively loud and also at a lower speed than the network.

Thomas Pschaid (left) with exclusive MeinBezirk.at tech tips.  |  Photo: Konstantinov

If the ball is in play after the serve, attack and defense alternate constantly. You should try to position yourself against your teammates in order to cover the 360 ​​degrees around the net as best as possible.

A full physical effort is required in defence.  Low body mass often provides the best chance of keeping the ball in play.  PS: Even if the face said something different, no, it didn't hurt.  |  Photo: Konstantinov

In attack, the possibilities are almost unlimited, as the ball can be hit in all directions as long as it is played on top of the trampoline. During training, the players virtually used it without exception Three contacts out, where the attack usually consists of accepting the ball, “putting” the ball over the trampoline and then playing the ball onto the trampoline, very similarly Like beach volleyball also. If the team does not return the ball to the net through the three contacts, the opponent gets a point, The winner is the first to get 15 points. After practicing the basics, we got down to business and it worked Play two against two.

Photo: Konstantinov


After two hours of training, the following can be mentioned: round grid he Insanely fast sport Where a lot of muscles are used. As of this writing, he feels it my area The editor also after two days of training, one muscle or the other hasn’t been used much lately. However, sports make a lot I listenfalls under the category of “easy to learn, hard to master”, ie easy to learn, hard to master, What is also Very attractive for beginners may be.

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Roundnet Club Graz currently has around 25 active members, including two European Roundnet champions Nelson Dzironi (left in the photo) and Benjamin Pächler.  |  Photo: Konstantinov

Roundnet Club Graz

the Roundnet Club Graz had become Founded in 2018 So it is The oldest Austrian round network association. At this moment you are counting around them 25 active members, Everyone can participate in the training. Federation members regularly compete in tournaments, also throughout Europe, and do so with great success, for example European Champion title holderNelson Dzeroni And Benjamin Bachler from Graz. Two tournaments are being held in Graz itself this year, onwards June 24th will Open Graz I walk across the stage, me September 1 find the Austrian championship instead of.

Registration for the Graz Open is still open. The popularity of this sport is also due to the fact that “Spikeball” can be played almost anywhere, be it on grass, in sand, in water, on asphalt or indoors. In addition, the trampoline can be easily taken anywhere and does not take up much space.

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