Trailer for Canadian Revenge / Backwood Slasher (

An introduction here Entertainment quiver The official trailer for this uncompromising rear wood explainer made in Canada RetreatWhich approaches the genre with a relatively original approach. Quiver He was also responsible for the bloody movie Home Invasion BeckyWith Kevin James and Lulu Wilson.

In the movie, Renee and Valerie, a young lesbian who lives at a crucial stage in their relationship, leaves town for a weekend break with friends in a remote cabin. As they stumble into their relationship problems, they discover that they are being chased by a group of hard-core extremists bent on exterminating them …

The film is directed by Pat Mills and stars Tommy Amber Perry, Sarah Allen, Selena Senden, Aaron Ashmore, and Rusef Sutherland. The author referred to as Alison Richards Retreat Such as The cinematic version of how I feel today: “Don’t mess with us, we’ll fight! “.Retreat Writing was my cathartic way of dealing with my anger. ” She added.

Director Pat Mills noted: “In a place where it doesn’t feel safe to be different and special, this is something we can all relate to. Retreat It revolves around everyone’s worst fear: targeting who you are. It’s a “Cabin in the Woods” movie created for us (and by us) – anyone can handle the need to survive. An extreme subculture simmering beneath the surface and the fears inherent in it Retreat More relevant than ever! “

in the United States of America Started The Retreat Morning May 21, 2021 at Selected movie theaters and he Digital and VoD at the same time Available. Start or release date for Germany Currently Unfortunately not yet knownAnd the

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