December 9, 2023

Traffic lights for the CETA agreement: "The basis for a new trade policy"

Traffic lights for the CETA agreement: “The basis for a new trade policy”

As of: 06/23/2022 6:58 p.m.

The interim CETA trade agreement between the EU and Canada has long been controversial, especially among Greens. Now the mood has changed. The Traffic Lighting Federation wants to get CETA through Bundestack soon so it can be approved.

The ratification of the EU’s Interim CETA Trade Agreement with Canada is approaching. Sections of the SPD, the Greens and the FDP want to pass approval legislation before the summer holidays, and the Bundestag will soon have the opportunity. This was announced by the representatives of the three coalition factions in Berlin.

To do this, however, they want to improve the deal that has already been negotiated. According to Green Party leader Katrina Trojan, this includes rules on investor arbitration courts that should be “reduced”. These systems are designed to handle complaints from investors. However, corporates cannot use these tools to put pressure on environmental regulations, Drew said.

After all, the right to special case was a cause for criticism

“After serious negotiations, we have laid the groundwork for a new trade policy through this agreement, which will be fair and consistent,” said Greens leader Katrina Drew. Greens were particularly concerned, for example, about the companies’ exclusive right to take legal action given in the contract.

The CETA is currently in effect from September 21, 2017 – but it is undoubtedly the sole responsibility of the EU and not its member states. Other areas are pending approval.

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According to Trage, chairman of the Green Party’s parliamentary committee, the planned changes do not mean that full approval will be required to complete the process. “The approval process should not be interrupted,” he said. All that is required is a majority between the EU countries and the consent of the EU and Canada only.

The EU requires the approval of twelve states

In the EU, there is still no approval from twelve countries, including Germany. Canada and the European Union have not yet ratified CETA. Therefore, nothing has changed in the agreement between the traffic lighting sections.

“There has been progress at CETA,” said SPD parliamentary committee chairwoman Verina Hubert. At the same time, the alliance will support new generation trade agreements that take into account sustainability and social rights.

Trade is important, especially with liberal democracies such as Canada, according to FDP Parliamentary Committee Chairman Christian Tour. “Free trade with the world’s democracies is more important than ever.”

CETA Trade Agreement – Traffic Lighting Sections Agree to Agree

Claudia Plus, ARD Berlin, June 23, 2022 7:10 pm