Trade with Great Britain is declining – also in South Baden – the economy

Taxes, duties and quality standards: For businesses, Brexit means more effort and costs. That is why companies in southern Baden also had to reorganize their relations with Great Britain.

At the beginning of the year, trucks were stuck in traffic jams at the borders of the European Union and Great Britain for several days, and nothing worked. The pictures showed that Britain’s exit from the European Union “is over”. Despite the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, customs borders were established. It costs companies time and money, customs formalities have to be completed, and there are longer waiting times at the border. In general, trade with Great Britain declined, including south of Baden.
“We expected the worst,” says Wolfgang Seesauer, director of sales and marketing at Rheintacho in Freiburg. But it didn’t get that bad after all, according to Sexauer, an accelerometer technologist who was well-prepared. Cooperation with British customers continued to work well. Even before the UK left the EU, the Freiburg-based company had a just-in-time customer warehouse in Great Britain, which was expanded as of the fall of last year.
“We expected the worst.” Wolfgang Seesauer, Rentachau …

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