Tourists from several countries visited Azerbaijan during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Azerbaijani tourism expert, Jeon Asherov, said that tourists from Arab countries, Turkey and Russia mainly visited Azerbaijan during the COVID-19 pandemic. direction am 3. september.

“On August 5th, citizens of more than 20 countries were allowed to enter the country by plane,” the expert said. “Recent observations show that tourists from these countries are also arriving in Azerbaijan.”

Ashirov added: “Citizens of 29 countries can visit Azerbaijan by plane.”

“Tourists from these countries can come to Azerbaijan if they adhere to certain quarantine rules,” said the expert. Most of them are citizens of Arab countries, Turkey and Russia. There are also tourists from other countries, but very few,” he said.

“In general, flights to Azerbaijan are not huge,” Ashirov said. About 80 percent of visitors come for tourism purposes. As the tourist season is already coming to an end, it is expected that the number of tourists from abroad will decrease.”

Currently, citizens of 29 countries are allowed to enter Azerbaijan. The list of these countries is as follows:

– Turkey,

– Russia ,

– weather,

– the two seas,

– The United Arab Emirates,

– United kingdom,

– Israel,

– Hungary,

– Qatar,

– Germany ,

– Austria ,

– Belgium,

– Czech Republic,

– Denmark ,

– Ireland,

– Spain,

– Sweden,

– Switzerland ,

– Canada ,

– Luxembourg,

– Malta,

– the dutch,

– Poland,

– Portugal,

– Serbia,

– Singapore ,

– Slovenia,

– Slovakia,

– Greece.

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