October 4, 2023

Im Sportwinter 2022/2023 kehrt die TV total Wok-WM auf ProSieben zurück. Foto: ProSieben

Total TV Wok-WM: Broadcast date and place fixed – Entertainment

For Winter Sports 2022/2023, “TV total Wok-WM” returns on ProSieben. Photo: ProSieben

“TV total Wok-WM” on ProSieben is back in the bag. The announcer announced the date and place of the broadcast. There is also a new Sunday evening program.

The date and venue for the broadcast of “TV total Wok-WM” by inventor Stefan Raab (55) has been decided. On Tuesday, ProSieben President Daniel Rosman revealed the sports show’s return after seven years of abstinence on its station programme: “In Winterberg, the ice slope staff will be rushing on November 12.”

“More ProSieben from ProSieben to ProSieben”

And that’s not all, the station will focus more on its products in the future. Plus audience favorites like “Who’s Stealing the Show from Me?” or “The Next German Supermodel – Designed by Heidi Klum”, “The Masked Singer”, “The Voice of Germany”, “Beat the Star” or “Joko & Klaas vs. ProSieben” will be presented on a self-produced Sunday evening program.

“Sunday evening will be the fifth night of the week that we show our own productions almost exclusively,” Rosman explains. “We are continuing the path we started successfully four years ago: more ProSieben from ProSieben to ProSieben.” This new “weekend feel” extension begins in October.

“Country Challenge”, “Mission: Job Unknown”, “Local Hero”, “The World’s Most Dangerous Road”

The first four Sunday programs contain similar components: the audience accompanies celebrities to “places of longing” and experiences their adventures from the couch.

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In the live show “Country Challenge,” for example, a celebrity has to find ten couples who would dare bungee jumping in South Africa. At the end of each episode, the TV audience decides which celebrity has convinced them the most when solving the task.

“Mission: Job Unknown” (six episodes) sends celebrities in two-person teams to a new job. Sven Hannawald and Mario Basler become lifeguards in Mexico, Lucy Djakovska and ghost hunters Nadia Benissa in Ireland, Vivian Gibert and Thomas Hayo work as bodyguards in the United States, and Oliver Bucher and Laura Karasic end up in a cheese hut in Romania, Verona and San Diego Sends a chocolate stall at the station Venice.

In “Local Hero”, two characters end up in Scotland, Mexico or Japan and have to master the most exciting traditions and exotic customs out there. “The winner wins fame, honor and priceless immortality in the respective country,” says the announcer.

Tracing mud in the Peruvian rainforest, potholes in the Bolivian highlands, the coastal road in Madagascar… In “The World’s Most Dangerous Road”, as the working title indicates, 16 celebrities get behind the wheel in pairs and attempt to take the most dangerous road in a country by Car master.