May 21, 2024

Total solar eclipse in Mexico, USA and Canada

Millions of people in Mexico, the United States and Canada witnessed Monday's total solar eclipse. Such a celestial scene occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth and completely covers the Sun. NASA also calls it a “Cosmic Masterpiece”. “Solar eclipses have a special power,” NASA President Bill Nelson said at a press conference. “They move people and give them a deep respect for the universe.”

Total solar eclipse in the US, Canada and Mexico Video: Reuters

Starting in the Pacific, the umbra extends over northern Mexico, crosses the United States from Texas northeast to Maine, touches southeastern Canada, and ends over the North Atlantic. The event took place in the afternoon (local time). The region was home to major cities such as Dallas, Indianapolis, Buffalo, and Montreal, and a total population of over 30 million people. The last total solar eclipse was seen from the United States in 2017, from Mexico in 1991, and from Canada in 1979. The US and Canada are followed by 2044, followed by Mexico in 2052.

The astronomical spectacle could not be seen from Europe. A partial solar eclipse will only be visible on the western edge of the continent – for example in Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Great Britain and Iceland. Luxembourg last saw a total solar eclipse in August 1999; The next one will happen in September 2081.

Many scientists were also prepared. NASA used aircraft and balloons to observe, record and measure solar eclipses.