November 29, 2023

Top diplomats in Zurich - US and China also spoke in Zurich about Taiwan and Hong Kong - News

Top diplomats in Zurich – US and China also spoke in Zurich about Taiwan and Hong Kong – News

  • US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with China’s top foreign policy chief Yang Jiechi in Zurich on Wednesday.
  • According to the White House, they talked about the possibility of cooperation, but also about human rights or Beijing’s dealings with Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  • No further details of the meeting were disclosed.

The meeting of senior diplomats took place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at Zurich Airport. Jake Sullivan also spoke to senior Chinese foreign politician Yang Jiechi about topics that the two countries are interested in cooperating on, The White House announced. The United States remains concerned about human rights, Beijing’s dealings with Taiwan and Hong Kong and the situation in the South China Sea. Sullivan also mentioned it in the conversation.


Chief US diplomat Jake Sullivan leaves the Hyatt Regency at Zurich Airport.


The meeting follows a phone call made by Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping in September. At the time, both warned that tensions between their countries could end in confrontation. Yang is the highest foreign politician in the Communist Party. Sullivan made clear in the conversation that the United States would continue to invest in its own strength and work with allies. However, it is important to deal responsibly with each other with the goal of competition.

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