July 15, 2024

Tom Holland found out it was Spider-Man from a blog post

Tom Holland found out it was Spider-Man from a blog post

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Photo: Chung Seung Joon (Getty Images)

Tom Holland’s appeal is undeniable to everyone; It’s a big part of what got the British actor spin so convincingly about Marvel’s worst hero, Peter Parker. We can now add another data point to the Netherlands book “It’s just like normal people!” Credentials: Revealing his discovery that he’s been portrayed as Spider-Man the same way the rest of us did: By reading a blog post on Marvel.com

This comes from A recent interview Holland did with fellow MCU alum Daniel Kaluuya (currently in the future championship Judah and the black Christ) as part of varietyCast Interviews Series. Amidst talking about Kaluuya’s golf and movie-watching habits, Holland revealed the unexpected way in which he found out that he got the role that he spent the last year of his life auditioning for, i.e. watching Marvel’s post about it on Instagram, Then click to access a blog with his face on it.

Given the life-changing role, it’s hard to blame Holland for what he did next: flip his computer off his bed, scare his dog, then He ran to tell his family – including his brother, who called it all And therefore It’s unlikely he assumed it was part of the Sony piracy scandal that was rampant at the time. But, no: He really told Marvel the whole world Before They tell Holland, probably because you can only get Mark Ruffalo on these Great movie Many times secrets.

Could you View the rest of the interview, which also sees Holland and Kaloya contemplate it cherriesFred Hampton, Ryan Coogler, and others, In over variety.

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