November 28, 2023

Tom Brady’s confession about Rob Gronkowski is kind of a frightening thought

Tom Brady’s confession about Rob Gronkowski is kind of a frightening thought

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Tom Brady He was teammates With Rob Gronkowski for so long, he can read narrow end thoughts.

That’s what Brady said Thursday when discussing nonverbal and nonverbal communication with colleagues, new and old, on Bucs.

“I think we’ve come a long way for sure,” Brady said. “I think we’ll keep getting better. The more we are together, the more football we talk about, the more we try to be on the same page, the better. It’s a complex game – there are a lot of moving parts (and) there is a lot of coordination involved between a lot of Different situations. I think the relationship between midfielder and receiver is really important. Whenever you are around Mike (Evans), Chris (Goodwin), Antonio (Brown), “Scooter” (Scottie Miller), Tyler (Johnson), and “Mick” (Jadeon Mickens) – he was Better. The narrow final stand, I’ve been around Groenk (Rob Gronkowski) for a long time – I know exactly what he’s thinking and how he looks. “

This sounds very easy, in fact, although we’re not sure if we want to go there. Maybe it’s just a file Infinite stream Of jokes about a certain number.

“Cam (Pratt) is a guy who is easy to get along with also quickly,” Brady continued. “We’ll keep trying to make improvements. We got a big test this weekend (against) one of the great teams in the NFL (who has been) consistently one of the great teams for a long time. We’ll have to go play a great football match.”

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The Pirates will face the New Orleans Saints on Sunday at 6:40 PM ET in the divisions round of the playoffs. Brady’s Buccaneers defeated the Washington soccer team on the Wild Card Tour on Saturday to move forward into the post-season period.

Brady went to 22 of 40 for 381 yards with two touchdowns in Saturday’s win, 31-23. Gronkowski did not have a goal.

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