Tokyo 2020: Olympic Gravity No. 3 | Sports | DW

Ana Lopez from Mexico, Weightlifting – 55kg Women – Group A – Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo

Rayssa Leal, Brazil, Skateboarding – Women’s Street, Preliminary Round – Ariak Urban Sports Park, Tokyo

Olympia 2020 Tokyo |  Gymnastics Pauline Schaefer

Pauline Schaefer, Germany, qualifications, Ariake Gymnastics Center, Tokyo

Olympia 2020 Tokyo |  Barin Samuel Mikulak

Samuel Mikulak, USA, Ariake Gymnastics Center, Tokyo

Olympia 2020 Tokyo Volleyball Tundra

Tandara, Brazil vs. Park Jeongah, South Korea, women’s volleyball, Ariake Arena, Tokyo

Olympia 2020 Tokyo Rugby Lautaro Bazan Velez

Lautaro Bazin Velez, Argentina, Rugby-Men, Australia vs Argentina, Tokyo Stadium in Tokyo

Olympia 2020 Tokyo |  Beach volleyball Laura Ludwig and Margareta Kozuch

Laura Ludwig and Margarita Kosoch, Germany, Women’s Beach Volleyball – Group F – Japan (Ishii / Murakami) vs Germany (Ludwig / Kozoch) – Shiokazi Park, Tokyo

Olympia 2020 Tokyo |  Table tennis Cheng I-Ching and Lin Yun-Ju

Cheng I-Ching and Lin Yun-Ju, Taiwan vs. Emmanuel Lipson and Jia Nan Yuan, France, Mixed Doubles – Tokyo Gym, Tokyo

Olympia 2020 Tokyo |  Fishten Takahiro Shiken - Alexander Chubenich تشو

Takahiro Shiken, Japan vs. Alexander Chubenich, Chichich Republic, Makuhari Missy Haley in Chiba

Olympia 2020 Tokyo |  Surfen Shortboard Rio Waida

Rio Waida, Indonesia, short board – Tsurigasaki surfing beach, Tokyo

Olympia 2020 Tokyo |  Taekwondo Melina Titonelli Guimarães vs. Ruth Gbagby

Melina Tetonelli Guimarães, Brazil, vs. Ruth Gbagbe, Ivory Coast, welterweight 57-67kg, Makuhari Messi Hall A, Chiba

Olympia 2020 Tokyo |  10m simultaneous jumping Cao Yuan and Chen Aisen

Cao Yuan and Chen Aisen, China, men’s synchronized jump, 10m, Tokyo Aquatic Center

Olympia 2020 Tokyo |  Swimming Caeleb Dressel, Blake Pieroni and Bowen Becker

Caeleb Dressel Blake Pieroni and Bowen Becker, USA, Men’s, 100m Free, Tokyo Aquatic Center

Olympia 2020 Tokyo |  10m Synchronous Jump Thomas Daly and Matty Lee

Thomas Daly and Matty Lee, Great Britain, synchronized jump, 10 metres, Tokyo Aquatic Center

Olympia 2020 Tokyo |  Judo Odet Giuffrida

Odette Giuffrida, Italy, Bronze Medal, Judo, Women’s 52kg, Nippon Budokan – Tokyo

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