Today, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany are discussing Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Iran.

The German Foreign Ministry said in a statement today: “The foreign ministers of the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany will meet with a representative from France” and “Afghanistan is the main topic for discussion.”

He added that the meeting, which will be held within the framework of the ministerial meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels, will focus on “the current developments on the Ukrainian-Russian borders and the nuclear agreement with Iran.”

Today, the Secretary of State and Defense of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) discussed the withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan after US President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of all US forces by 9/11.

The ministerial meeting of the North Atlantic Council, convened by the United States at the last minute, will take place at NATO headquarters of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, in virtual form, with physical presence. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

The only item on the ministers ’agenda is the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and President Biden announced on Tuesday that he would leave the country” before the twentieth anniversary of the 11th attack. ” September 2001.

Joe Biden wants to ensure that the withdrawal of US forces from the country is “complementary” and that it occurs simultaneously with other NATO allies.

While this is not on the agenda, officials should take into account the growing tensions on the Ukraine-Russia border after Secretary-General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg urged Moscow to stop provocations on the Ukrainian border.

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According to the Ukrainian government, the Kremlin has massed about 41,000 soldiers on its border with eastern Ukraine and another 42,000 in the Crimea in recent weeks.

In addition to the situation in Ukraine, the ministers are expected to discuss NATO’s relations with Russia. At this point, Joe Biden announced Tuesday that he would hold a summit meeting with his Russian rival, Vladimir Putin.

In a phone conversation between them, the US President expressed his desire to “build a stable and predictable relationship with Russia.”

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