December 10, 2023

Tim Stotzl: The Designated Savior of the Canadian Capital is a German sport

Tim Stotzl: The Designated Savior of the Canadian Capital is a German sport

There is a huge difference between the ice at the Ottawa Senators’ home and the other six clubs in the National Hockey League (NHL). Unlike the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks locations, the Canadian Tire Center is not in the city center, but in Kanata, a suburb about 15 miles west of the capital.

And there’s something else in Ottawa, too. Senators aren’t looking for very talented offspring from a traditional hockey country like Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland or the United States to build their team. Instead, he’s the 19-year-old from the West Germany they hope for. Although the Ottomans still struggled with pronouncing the surname Tim Stutzel, the young German, embodying hope, potential and positivity, is truly a fan favorite.

“The excitement around me is so great. But it’s a lot of fun – and I’m really enjoying every second of it,” Schötzel told DW.

Games against gray beard

As the youngest of the NHL’s 750 players, Stützle has to compete with players who were in the league before he was born. An example of this is 41-year-old Joe Thornton, a bitter contender in the Senate, Toronto Maple Leaves. Thornton played his first National Hockey League match on October 8, 1997 – three years, three months, and seven days before Stotzel was born.

Tim Stotzel (second from right) congratulates fellow Senator Drake Patherson after a goal

Despite his young age and inexperience, the German teenager received a very special assignment. Ottawa senators entrusted Stützle with the mission of leading the club in the wilderness to a better and more prosperous future for years. Its mission is to make the senators an all-time candidate and contender for the Stanley Cup. And if you thought it was too difficult to put on your skinny shoulders, you would be wrong.

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“That’s why I’m so high,” said Stützle with confidence.

Part of the renovation

Ottawa took Stützle overall third in last fall’s draft – and the fact that she managed to reach that high says something about how badly the Senators did last season. The design system is designed to help bad teams improve over time by providing the opportunity to include some of the most talented young players from beginners, college or European ice hockey. Now the Senators are in full redemption mode, with a roster made mostly of players in their early 20s – and Stützle will be the face of the club.

“Tim’s skills are incredible.” Senator DJ Smith coach recently said, “Everything is possible for him.”

Edmonton Oilers star Leon Dryaestel spoke to DW earlier this season, describing his countryman as a “very talented young man” who had all the tools and “will find his way successfully”.

Sports broadcaster TSN described Stützle as the most anticipated rookie to reach the Canadian capital since Senators Jason Speza made the second choice in their 2001 draft.

The first goal is to highlight the roles

All of this doesn’t mean that the 18th Senate is really the cornerstone of the franchise, but he’s really a player with whom Coach Smith feels comfortable when he’s playing the powerhouse or as an extra striker when the goalkeeper is in the fight, let’s move on. Game.

“I tried to prove myself as quickly as possible and slowly started to take on a leadership role while I was on the ice in important situations,” said Schötzel.

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In thirty-two games in his rising season, Stützle scored six goals and 13 assists, and his first goal against Toronto on January 16 was impressive.

A tough start to the season

The start of this campaign was “very difficult”, says Schutzel. The 5-3 victory over Toronto was followed by nine-game losing streak. After 15 matches, the record was in the senses 2 and 13. But it seems a bit. Thirty-five games a season, Ottawa’s record now stands at 12 and 20, along with three wins in Ottawa.

“We play most evenings,” said Schötzel. “We’ve taken a big step forward as a team.” When asked what was the highlight of his rising season in the NHL, Stützle hesitated before settling down on January 15th. Not only did he turn 19 that night, but he also made his league debut 5-3 over the holidays.

Before last October’s draft, Stützle was largely unknown in North America, in part because he didn’t come here by the junior or college system. Instead, Stuttgart stayed home last season to play with the Mannheim Eagles, one of the best teams in the Bundesliga, Dale. He believes playing with seasoned professionals, including former NHL players last year, gave him a huge advantage.

“I was able to learn an incredible amount there, so I probably would have gone one step further than if I had played against the juniors elsewhere for another year,” Stützle said.

As captain, Tim Stotzel led Germany to the quarter-finals of the recent World Junior Championships

A step forward with the youth of the world

He made his North American debut last December when he was captain of Germany for World Juniors in Edmonton. Senators and fans’ management will be pleased with what they have seen: With five goals and five assists, Stoestel was named the tournament’s best striker when he led Germany to the quarter-finals for the first time in world youth history. When he got to Ottawa, he said, the uproar was so loud.

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I am honored to be greatly appreciated. I’m just trying to make it happen and maybe it impressed people too. ”

He has succeeded so far. The senator-appointed rescuer has made it to the NHL. It fulfilled initial expectations, indicated its potential and brought great happiness to Ottawa fans’ hungry for success. It’s a good start, but that’s it; the beginning.

Adaptation: Chuck Penfold