July 15, 2024

Tim Cook praised the partnership between Apple and China at the Business Summit

Tim Cook praised the partnership between Apple and China at the Business Summit

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently attended the China Development Forum in Beijing to express his support for the China-US business relationship.

the China Development Forum Davos China is considered one of the most important economic conferences in the country. This year, Tim Cook is one of the few American executives to attend the conference.

The event took place in person for the first time since 2019, as the COVID-19 pandemic had prevented it from being held in this format in recent years. Cook expressed his enthusiasm for the cooperation between Apple and China during his speech: “Apple and China have grown together, and this relationship has been mutually beneficial. We couldn’t be more excited.”

In his speech, Cook also stressed the importance of Apple’s “very large supply chain operations in China.” He cited the many Apple Stores in the country and the thriving App Store developer ecosystem. However, he avoided any mention of US-China tensions or supply chain issues.

Tim Cook praises the partnership between Apple and China

high Reuters Cook also quoted local media as praising China’s innovative strength. He said: “Innovation is developing rapidly in China, and I believe it will continue to accelerate.”

In addition, Cook spoke about education and the need for young people to learn to code and think critically. He announced that Apple would increase its investment in the rural education program to 100 million yuan.

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Although Tim Cook’s speech at the China Development Forum is a strong sign of cooperation between Apple and China, the low attendance of other US executives at the event shows that the future of Sino-US relations remains uncertain. Despite Cook’s positive comments, Apple is actively exploring ways to diversify its supply chain and become more independent from China.

source: 9 to 5 mac
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