October 3, 2023

TikTok introduces new features to improve live broadcasting

TikTok introduces new features to improve live broadcasting

Recently launched on TikTok in select markets, LIVE Events is a new tool that content creators can use to plan, manage and promote their live videos. Viewers can register and will be reminded when the event goes live. Whether it’s for musicians, artists, or non-profit organizations and museums – live event odds on TikTok are a fun way to start a conversation. Ysmina Banaszczuk Of goals that can be achieved through live events, he says: “Through LIVE interaction, we sustainably foster relationships between creators, brands and viewers.”

  1. Picture-in-Picture functionality
    Instead of missing a single second of streaming, users can continue watching TikTok LIVEs seamlessly with Picture-in-Picture on iOS and Android.
  2. “Shared LIVE” function
    Dual mode is very popular on TikTok. “Common LIVE” gives the community the opportunity to go live together. That means funny interactions for viewers, twice the number of behind-the-scenes insights and more opportunities to share ideas with top creators.
  3. Funktion “Live Questions and Answers”
    With LIVE Q&A, content creators can easily respond to and answer viewers’ questions in real time. The LIVE Q&A group helps fans more easily identify and answer questions during the broadcast.
  4. Function “Top LIVEs”
    Users will soon be able to find live videos on TikTok easily from the For You and Follow pages. Some of the best live categories are Q&A, Games, Talent, Fashion, and Everyday Life. With the updated access points to the LIVE page, accessing the top and recommended live videos will soon be easier.
  5. Service “Help for Hosts”
    To help creators focus on entertainment and community engagement, you can set a unit manager in Settings on the right side of the live stream start screen. During the live broadcast, both the host and the assistant person can coordinate the chat.
  6. Keyword filtering function
    TikTok takes a clear stand against bullying or hateful comments, according to the same TikTok message. Some comments or words may seem harmless to some, but may be offensive to others. To protect themselves from this, creators can turn off comments in the settings of the live start screen or include up to 200 terms in a keyword filter to limit these comments in chat. The list can be supplemented further during the live broadcast.
  7. Post “Do you really want to write this?”
    Once they go live, creators should focus on entertaining their community. Since negative or offensive comments have a negative impact on conversations, the community is specifically encouraged to consider their choice of words before making a potentially unfriendly comment.
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In the coming weeks, TikTok will also allow LIVE hosts and moderators to temporarily mute users, delete unfriendly or offensive comments, and completely ban unfriendly users in LIVE and the rest of TikTok use. TikTok has also introduced additional security measures and guidelines for LIVE, such as that creators must be at least 16 years old to host a live stream. TikTok also prohibits solicitation of gifts and fraudulent behavior. If an account pretending to be someone else is identified or if the community deceives its identity, that account will be removed from the platform.


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