TikTok brings viral dishes straight to your home with a new delivery service

TikTok Kitchen: This is behind the new delivery service for viral dishes

The recipes may have been a hit for TikTok, a little unexpectedly. Viral dishes like the almost infamous pasta with baked lamb cheese are cooked millions of times around the world. The social network feels a profitable business idea in the real world. The result: a tik tok kitchen. Food delivery service will begin in March 2022 in select cities in the United States, according to Bloomberg News. Unlike traditional providers like Lieferando or GrubHub, who bring home food from local restaurants, this is a new virtual chain of restaurants with a delivery service. The menu already contains viral TikTok dishes. Of course, feta pasta should not be missing. (Also read: TikTok overtakes Facebook and is now the most downloaded app in the world)

TikTok starts delivery

TikTok is collaborating with Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) for the ambitious project. The provider is recruiting restaurants that cook their dishes for VDC customers in addition to ongoing operations. In this way, newcomers can quickly build a national network. YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson has also used the alias MrBeast recently. The star with 85 million subscribers launched the MrBeast Burger chain in fall 2020 with the help of VDC. One million burgers were sold in the first three months, according to the report. According to Bloomberg, the startup now has 1,500 locations – not only in the US, but also in Canada and the UK.

So it is not excluded that TikTok cuisine will also come to Europe. So far, however, the social network has focused on the United States. The first dishes that the new delivery service wants to impress have already been decided: in addition to feta pasta, curious customers can order pasta chips, among other things. These are rigatoni noodles that are boiled, crispy and baked in an Airfryer. In addition to the corn on the cob with Parmesan cheese, the burger should, of course, not be missing. The first PR picture showed a double cheeseburger. Comes in a cardboard box with the TikTok logo on it. (Also interesting: Supertuna Challenge – that’s why thousands of people are dancing like fish on TikTok right now)

TikTok: Get Dishes To Spread Fast

How much viral dishes will cost in a TikTok kitchen is not yet certain. VDC co-founder Robert Earl said they want to orient themselves to MrBeast Burger prices. According to the information, they start at seven US dollars (about 6.20 euros). But what about the users who posted viral dishes first on TikTok? According to Bloomberg, the company announced that it will share the revenue from the delivery service with these users, thus promoting new culinary talent on its platform.

“It’s an investment in their business,” Earl explained. However, according to the report, TikTok did not provide any details on exactly how users would be compensated and how the “inventor” of the recipe should be selected – which was often not developed exclusively for TikTok or has multiple creators.

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