December 10, 2023

Tigray rebels want to form a resistance alliance against the government

Tigray rebels want to form a resistance alliance against the government

Nairobi. Rebel fighters from Ethiopia’s Tigray region want to form an alliance with other rebels and opposition groups against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Organizer Yohannes Abraha told Associated Press news agency that the new “Ethiopian Federal Forces United Front” wants a transitional agreement for the country so that Abiy can be replaced as soon as possible. The signing should take place on Friday in Washington.

The coalition is said to include the Oromo Liberation Army and seven other groups from across the country. Yohannes said the alliance is both political and military. “The next step will, of course, be to start meetings and talk to other countries, diplomats and international actors in Ethiopia and abroad,” he said. There has not yet been an exchange with the Ethiopian government.

Oromo Liberation Army spokesman Oda Tarbe confirmed the plans, saying whether Abe Abiy was to be ousted by force depends on the government and events in the coming weeks. “Of course we would prefer a peaceful and orderly transition to replace my father,” Oda said. Everyone involved should work on this. However, many members of Abiy’s Prosperity Party will face a thorough investigation and may face criminal prosecution.

Thousands of people have died so far

Abiy had sent the army to the region a year ago after disagreements with the regional command in Tigray. The provincial government escaped and went underground. In early summer, their fighters recaptured the capital, Mikkeli, and advanced in the last few days. Then my father declared a state of emergency. The conflict has already killed thousands of people. According to the UN report, there have been many human rights violations.


Abe Beilin Seyoum’s spokeswoman tweeted on Thursday with the goal of creating the new alliance: “All outsiders who rejected the democratic process started by Ethiopia cannot support the democratic transition.” She did not wish to make any further comment.

Tigrayan politicians dominated the central government for a long time before Abiyes took office. Abe waned her influence after taking office in 2018 and giving other political forces more freedom. Among other things, members of the opposition were able to return home from exile.