April 22, 2024

Tiger Woods is heating up with his son Charlie, 11, and the similarities are striking

The pair were a mirror image of each other when warming up the Thursday before the PNC Championship – an end-of-season event where the pros line up with a family member of their choice.

Both wear their Nike outfits, the similarities between father and son were there for all to see and Video From the couple that played at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Lakes Golf Club, it spread quickly.

From swinging to casual admiring their shot, the pair seemed to be in perfect sync. But Woods Sr. He does not put any pressure on his son to fill his shoes.

“It’s so much fun for me to see him enjoy this, and enjoy the game” He said.

“He was playing junior golf tournaments and he was in the front and making people film him. This is a different world we live in now; everyone has a phone.”

“They are very similar.”

The duo will face Justin Thomas and his father Mike in the tournament, and the former world No.1 player says he expects the youngster to attract some attention this weekend.

“They are so alike, I mean, who wouldn’t want to be like your dad if your dad was Tiger Woods? He definitely has all the manners,” Thomas, a family friend who said Charlie really has his father’s rival, Edge told reporters.

“I think folks are at home, and you will all get good entertainment from watching him spin the nightclub, walk in strokes and fist pumping.”

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Thomas Snr. He helps train the 11-year-old in South Florida and said the young Woods really has experience well beyond his age.

However, like Tiger, he said the most important thing was that Charlie enjoyed playing the game and felt no pressure to live up to his father’s noble reputation on the golf course.

“The two things that are most unbelievable to me are how fast he has, I mean he’s a little guy and he’s making this club go fast, and his knowledge of golf is incredible,” he said. “I understood that his father is a tiger, but he is 11 years old.”

“It would be interesting to see what happens to him because he has so many talents. The cool thing is that he seems to be enjoying the game. He doesn’t tire everything because of a bad shot.”