June 21, 2024

Ticket sales will start soon: New Flybe is on the way

Ticket sales will start soon: New Flybe is on the way

After two good years, the first airline victim of the Covid crisis is on the rise again. Flybe will start selling tickets again soon.

When an airline goes out of business, it usually means it’s gone for good. Not so in the case of Flybe. The British regional airline was the first victim of the Covid 19 pandemic. But just a few months later, it was preparing to fly again.

Ticket sales are scheduled to begin next week. The full list of routes and destinations will also be announced on the same day, March 22nd. Flybe continues to announce the start of flights for “Spring 2022”.

It is also based in Birmingham

Flybe’s old headquarters were in Exeter, southern England. The new office is located in Birmingham, the second largest city in the UK. Their fleet will initially consist of twelve De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400 aircraft leased from Nordic Aviation Capital. But in the long run, Flybe wants to take off with 32 of the turboprop aircraft.

In addition to Birmingham, Flybe 2.0 will have a second base in Northern Ireland in Belfast, it announced on Thursday (17 March). In addition to cities in the UK, there are also plans to travel to EU destinations, says Director General Dave Pflug.

New old owner

The airline’s restart was announced last April. At the time, Flybe was bought by Thyme Opco, a subsidiary of former shareholder Cyrus Capital.