Tick ​​risk increases: what helps against ticks

Ticks could be lurking here

Vampires feel especially comfortable at the edges of the forest, in tall grass, in bushes and in scattered bushes.

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In what season is there a tick danger?

Ticks usually hibernate from November to late February. However, experts for some time have noticed that they are expanding their activities due to climate change and mild winters. “Today, spiders are active almost all year round,” says Ute Mackenstedt of the University of Hohenheim.

New risks from climate change تغير

Where are the danger zones in Germany?

The areas at risk for tuberculosis mainly are Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, southern Hesse and southeastern Thuringia. There are also individual regions in the rest of Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony and Saarland. 146 areas are currently classified as risk areas. However, individual cases are observed in almost all federal states. Borrelia occurs throughout Germany.

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What areas are currently classified as risk areas, find here.

Can I be vaccinated?

The three-dose single-dose vaccination protects against tuberculosis, which must then be updated every three to five years. However, there is no vaccination against Lyme disease.

How can you protect yourself?

Pedestrians should wear long clothes and sturdy shoes in forests, fields, and meadows. Socks placed on the legs of the trousers make it difficult for ticks to find the bare skin. Everyone should thoroughly inspect their bodies after a trip abroad.

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