December 8, 2023

Thrown at the World Figure Skating Championships: Commentator Talks About "Bitch from Canada"

Thrown at the World Figure Skating Championships: Commentator Talks About “Bitch from Canada”

Expelled at the World Figure Skating Championships
The commentator talks about the “slut from Canada”

At the World Figure Skating Championships, a scandal erupted in the snow: two commentators on a live stream were fired by the World Association for insulting former Canadian couple skater Megan Duhamel. Among other things, they talk about “bitch.”

An Olympic gold medalist, two-time world champion, figure skater, Canadian – these are all fitting descriptions for 36-year-old Megan Duhamel. But she is now referred to as a “bitch from Canada.” It now spends its work on two commentators: the World Ski Association ISU, Simon Reid and his colleague Nicki Slater, who came into effect immediately after the verbal trail at the Figure Skating World Championships in Montpellier. According to the association, Reid and Slater have expressed disrespect to former Canadian couple skater Meghan Duhamel.

The ISU, led by Jan Dijkema, said nothing about the content of the reports. “ISU strongly condemns reports of a discriminatory or biased nature,” it said. Elsewhere, there was more: Duhamel, an expert on the Canadian broadcaster CBC, described the World Cup as “bitch from Canada”, meaning “slut”, “bitch” or “bitch”. “.

Reports were taken through the microphone, which was mistyped. The association said the ISU was “shocked by the language of the two commentators”. At the same time, the 36-year-old Olympic champion since 2018 has apologized for “inappropriate and unacceptable behavior by two commentators”.

The ISU announced that an internal investigation would be launched. Both commentators will not be performing at the Federation Figure Skating events again.

“His biggest fan”

Reid tweeted after he was fired: “I talked to Megan Duhamel. Meegan understood that my off-screen joke was referring to something very unreasonable. Megan admits it, she knows I’m her biggest fan, it’s a real shame” It’s taken out Let’s have a beer We hope so. ”

Duhamel responded angrily on Twitter. “I have received personal apologies from Simon Reid and the ISU leader. I do not think a public apology is needed at this time. I appreciate and respect the apologies,” the two-time world champion wrote.

This scandal was preceded by a critique of Duhamel. He wrote on Twitter that Slater, 63, and Reid, 74, had “better options” than commenting at the World Cup. They openly admitted that they did not actively follow the sport of skiing.

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