June 20, 2024

Throwing trash on Mount Everest. Leave your waste at home, not on the mountain.

‘Don’t leave your rubbish on the mountain’: Sherpas complain about dumping their rubbish on Mount Everest

A mountain guide from Nepal used videos to draw attention to massive pollution on the world’s tallest mountain.


Sleeping bags, cutlery and shoes. On the highest mountain on earth, litter is a huge problem. Mountain guide Tenzi Sherpa draws attention to this – and appeals to mountaineers.

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  • Mountain guide Tenzi Sherpa pleaded with mountaineers to take their rubbish off the mountain with them.
  • Littering is a huge problem for the 8,000 people in the Himalayas, especially on Mount Everest.
  • This year alone, 13 tons of trash have been collected from Mount Everest and neighboring Lotus.

The “garbage depot” is $4,000, but the highest mountain on Earth is full of rubbish. Mountain guide Tenzi Sherpa is now making a dramatic appeal for mountaineers.

He uses videos to draw attention to the problem of litter: If you don’t want to take your trash with you, don’t come to the mountain.

Tourist on his way to Mount Everest Base Camp.

AP Photo/Tashi Sherpa/Keystone

Authorities in Nepal have already collected 13 tonnes of trash from Everest and nearby Lhotse this year as part of a campaign to keep the mountains clean.

Mount Everest is a dream destination for mountain climbers from all over the world. The majestic mountain is called Chomolangma in Tibet and is sacred to the Sherpa people. For the Buddhist people, it is the seat of the Jomo Myo Lang Sangma, one of the five “Long Life Sisters” who inhabit the five highest mountains in the Himalayas.

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