Thousands of people want to see a baby cow break the record in Bangladesh

According to the owners, the Rani is 51 centimeters long and 10 centimeters smaller than the Indian Manikyam cow, which is currently the world’s smallest cattle in the Guinness Book of Records.

The 23-month-old animal lives on a farm in Charigram, southwest of Dhaka. Rani is 66 centimeters tall and weighs only 26 kilograms. The farm manager, MA Hasan Howlader, said the other cows on the farm are twice their size. According to Howlader, the authors of the Guinness book want to decide on the record holder in the next three months.

Publication date: 07/07/2021, 02:02 pm

Last update: 07.07.2021, 2:23 pm

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