Thousands of hectares are burnt – flames are raging on Sardinia – News

Thousands of hectares burned – Sardinia catches fire – News – SRF

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  • On the Italian island of Sardinia, emergency services are battling large fires in the west.
  • And the fire brigade announced on Twitter, Monday, that the operation was continuing in the Oristano region without interruption. 60 units fighting fire on the ground.
  • Hundreds of people had to leave their homes.

In addition, five firefighting aircraft are in use. According to the Italian civil protection authorities, Greece and France each sent two planes to support the firefighting from the air.

The western part of the island caught fire a few days ago. Thousands of hectares of land have been burned so far, ANSA news agency reported Monday. Therefore, the strong winds contributed to the spread of the flames.

A woman from the dpa region said it was “terrible”. In the air there is a burning smell everywhere, and the fire and smoke can also be seen from the beach – even from the famous tourist spots. One manager of the holiday apartments in Bosa said the scorched area was like hell. Many farms were affected by the fire. The Coldiretti Agricultural Society spoke of a “disaster” and great damage to agriculture.

She added that pastures, forests and animals in some cases are lost. On Monday evening, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi expressed his solidarity with the people of Sardinia. Several politicians in Italy were horrified by the images from Sardinia on Twitter.

Radio SRF4 News, 07/26/2021, 00:30 a.m.;

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