This mechanical adventure in the midst of nature is available now and tonight on our stream • Nintendo Connect

Stone flys The visual style is inspired by mid-twentieth century modern design as well as nature. In the game, Annika goes to search for her father’s beloved Mech, who was stolen by a thief. She can invent and forge new capabilities for her mechanics – she has to collect the necessary raw materials in the wild. On her journey, she joins a group of untouchable pilots called the Acorn Corps, encounters hordes of hungry insects, and discovers their true potential and legacy.

“It has been a very rewarding journey for us, for our world Stone fly Let us realize it and barely wait for the players to delve into the matter now, “ Sajt Bohdon-Sayer, Director of Games at Flying School Studio. “As a studio, we ask ourselves to create unique and interesting experiences. Stone fly It is the product of many individual components that all contribute to this goal. We have already got a lot of support from the players and fans and we hope everyone also has a lot of fun through the jungle and Anika’s journey. ”

Eclectic original soundtrack from Stone fly Written by Berlin-based experimental electronic artist Natureboy Flako and available on all streaming platforms as well as a limited edition vinyl on Official Website Available.

Stone fly It is a visually addicting game from start to finish with an inspiring story, unique gameplay, interesting characters and an engaging soundtrack. All this is full of a relaxing gaming experience, “ Ethan Steams, Executive Vice President, MWM Interactive said. “The technical vision of Flight School Studios can be seen clearly here and achieved Stone fly It’s a great game for players to try. “

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