June 24, 2024

This mascot earns $625,000 a year!

This mascot earns $625,000 a year!

NBA basketball stars earn countless millions. As it turns out, the amulet can also make money!

“Rocky Mountain Lion” is the mascot of the Denver Nuggets


The basics in brief

  • Payroll of NBA mascots for annual mega totals.
  • The leader is “Rocky Mountain Lion” by Denver Nuggets.
  • Their star Nikola Jokic recently signed a record $264 million contract.

The NBA offers a lot of scenes. In the best basketball league in the world, it’s not just Steve Curry, LeBron James & Co. who are the spotlights on the ground.

When the match stops, a real show is shown on the field. Fans, DJs, sometimes fans and of course the club’s mascots provide plenty of entertainment.

The mascot in the NBA wins!

As it turns out, the latter can be rewarded in particular for entertainment in the NBA. According to Boardroom, Denver’s mascot “Rocky the Mountain Lion” earns $625,000 annually!

The Denver Nuggets – with two-time NBA MVP Nikola Jokic – are the league’s highest-paid mascots.

On average, artists earn around $60,000 per year. So Rocky ten times that.

Do you enjoy amusing amulets?

And not without reason: the mountain lion is considered a super amulet with daring acrobatics.

“Rocky” also appears in schools as part of community nuggets programmes. On behalf of the NBA, he has appeared in the All-Star Game and in various international events.

Jokic will earn $303 million by 2028

Number 2 on the mascot’s payroll is “Harry the Hawk” of the Atlanta Hawks. His salary: $600,000.

‘Penny the Bull’, the mascot of the Chicago Bulls, raises $400,000. It follows “Go the Gorilla” (Phoenix Suns, $200,000) and “Hugo the Hornet” (Charlotte Hornets, $100,000).

Of course, Nuggets not only charge a lot of money for their mascots, but also their best basketball player. Nikola Jokic signed a contract for 2023 this summer that will bring him $264 million through 2028 – an NBA record.

In the 23/24 season, the salary of the Serbs should start at around 46 million. And then it gets bigger year after year: Last season, Jokic earned about $60 million.

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