This is why Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan got places of honour

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan attended the Queen’s funeral and enjoyed a special status. Photo: IMAGO / i Images

Anna von Stefinelli

The seating arrangement of the royal family at large ceremonies is of great importance in the British royal family. At the state funeral of the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II on September 19, 2022, everything was meticulously planned and nothing was left to chance. The focus of the global audience has also been on arranging the seating of international guests, senior guests as well as the British Royal Family at Westminster Abbey.

No wonder the choice of Duchess Meghan’s seat has been widely discussed.

Of any place not without importance was designated for royal occasions.

Of any place not without importance was designated for royal occasions.Photo: / IMAGO / Pool

The candle covered Megan’s face

Meghan Markle was placed in the church during the funeral ceremonies with one corner of the camera covering her face with a huge and large candle. Many people are convinced that this was no coincidence.

After all, Prince Harry and Meghan have severed their relationship with the royal family since their move to the US and their controversial reveal interview with Oprah Winfrey. The trust relationship is broken.

So did the couple intentionally get lower quality places? At least that’s what many Brits think, as numerous posts on social media show.

Sure expert: Positioning was an honor for Sussex

But now a royal historian is speaking, and the seating arrangement is evaluating just the opposite. At the funeral service at Westminster Abbey, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan sat in the second row alongside other non-working family members. BUT: He succeeded King Charles and Queen Camilla.

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Seats are not bad, on the contrary.

Prince Harry sat directly behind the new King Charles.

Prince Harry sat directly behind the new King Charles.Photo: PA Wire/Ben Stansall

This allocation of seats is not disrespectful. Instead, the Sussex family were given “places of honour,” according to the historian. A closer look at royal etiquette illustrates the situation, as Gareth Russell explains to Us Weekly:

“If you know what etiquette is, it’s actually a place of honor. Sitting behind a king is actually a sign of gratitude.”

W: According to the seating arrangement, the focus was more on the children than on the Queen’s grandchildren. Princess Anne, sister of King Charles, was also given a special honour. She was sitting next to Queen Camilla in the front row.

No wonder, says the expert.

Princess Anne has been given special honors as a close writer

In the past few days, she has barely left the side of her deceased mother’s coffin, and has accompanied him around the country. So it seems that your relationship with Elizabeth was particularly close. In addition, the princess is one of the most well-working members of the British royal family. The historian says: “Giving Princess Anne the place she deserves in the monarchy of the twenty-first century[يظهر]She is really close to her brother.”

Princess Anne (the heart of the defense) was especially close to her mother.

Princess Anne (the heart of the defense) was especially close to her mother. Photo: PA Wire / Ben Birchall

Incidentally: Prince William and Princess Kate sat with their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, right in the front row. This corresponds to the order of infiltration in the royal family.

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