December 3, 2023

This Is Why Jan Delay Unregistered Snoop Dog: "It's On USB Storage In My Desk Drawer"

This Is Why Jan Delay Unregistered Snoop Dog: “It’s On USB Storage In My Desk Drawer”

Jan Delay has relaunched his fifth studio album Earth, Wind & Feiern as a live album, and the rapper is already planning new projects.

Hamburg – Jean Delay, 46, has re-released his fifth studio album “Earth, Wind & Feiern”, which was released in May last year, as a live album, so he’s planning hamburger The rapper already has future music projects.

Jan Delay (46): “There are currently a lot of new, talented rappers, both here in Germany and in the States.” © Axel Heimkin / dpa

Above all, working with women will appeal to him for the time being, said the veteran hip-hop member and founding member of Absolute Beginner in an interview with DPA.

“Currently there are a lot of talented rappers, here in Germany and the United States. I would be interested in recording new songs with a few of them in the future.”

But with regard to the USA in particular, he has little hope that such cooperation will ever materialize.

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“I’ve already tried it with the current record and I’ve been in my place really well,” says the singer. “It’s because we’re playing the smaller violin here and I’m not willing to pay more.”

In addition, he directly felt that international features do not necessarily lead to singles – even if there are world-famous artists. For the “Bahnhof Soul” record, he really wanted to work with Snoop Dogg (50), which was very expensive, he said. But in the end, the song was so bad that it didn’t appear on the album.

“It’s still on the USB storage in my desk drawer – and it stays there!”

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