May 21, 2024

Phil Rudd mit AC/DC beim Download Festival 2010

This is why AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd is so good

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benanti recently played a guest role on the Talk Louder podcast (see video below). Among other things, the 59-year-old was able to explain in detail why he thinks AC/DC’s Phil Rudd is a good drummer. “AC/DC probably belongs in my top 5 favorite bands. Phil Rudd has always been one of my favorite drummers. Some might ask, ‘Huh?’ What? How is that?'”

Just don’t overdo it

Benante immediately provided the answer: “It’s the way Phil Rudd handles songs and the way he keeps time. Most drummers want to fill in a song. Phil doesn’t fill that much. And when he does, it’s nice and tasty. You just feel it so Phil doesn’t overdo it because he He understands his role in the band. They all understood their role in the band. The focus was on Angus, “Okay, Angus is going to do what he’s doing and we’ll stop here and keep it simple.” I’ve been in situations where I’ve seen some famous drummers trying to play an AC/DC track. And I said, “No, that’s not all, that’s not all.”

I would challenge anyone to play a song like “Let There Be Rock”. But you’re not allowed to play, you just keep the song going.” Charlie also remembered meeting the AC/DC drummer after a concert by Australian rockers. “One night they played in our town. We both had the same company of cymbals. So there was a lot of talk back and forth about Charlie coming to meet Phil. And then when I was in the room with him, Phil comes up and says, ‘Where’s Charlie?'” Where’s Charlie? Ah, here he is. And we had this wonderful conversation. Of course I was very happy to take a picture with him. It is a nice. He is the best.”

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