March 3, 2024

This is what Super Mario 64 looks like with ray tracing •

This is what Super Mario 64 looks like with ray tracing •

A piece of modern technology.

  • Moder shows what Super Mario 64 looks like with ray tracing
  • It uses the RTX 3090 as a graphics card for this
  • The mod combines modern influences with ancient textures

Did you want Nintendo to spice up the classic Super Mario 64 and other games included for re-release in Super Mario 3D All-Stars?

Well, what the company doesn’t do, fans and moderates come true.

Well, textures from the ’90s and effects from 2021 might not necessarily be the best and sweetest combination, but it’s always possible, as this example demonstrates with Super Mario 64.

The mod community is currently working on bringing Super Mario 64 to PC and a new video from “Dario” now shows you what the classic Nintendo game looks like using ray tracing. This means true ray tracing, not shading as seen before with this port.

Ray-tracking makes a distinct difference in Super Mario 64, as you can see in the video. With the aforementioned mix of old styling and new effect, it definitely looks unique (via Kotaku).

Now imagine if there were higher resolution materials and improved figure models. We actually have Super Mario 64 which looks a lot more modern.

Incidentally, Dario uses the RTX 3090 for this and it’s still all “in progress”.

The only question remaining is: Does modern Mario 64 want a true reproduction of this classic? Or are you more satisfied with the current state of the game, as seen in Super Mario 3D All-Stars?

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