December 10, 2023

This is still talked about in the Imola hood

This is still talked about in the Imola hood

Imola (dpa) – speech required. With the weakening Mercedes team, overall drivers. The Formula 1 race weekend in Imola is no less of a topic of discussion.

A bit off track: The Silver Arrows have not enjoyed it in a long time. Both pilots are not in the third and final category of qualification known as Q3. During the 187th Grand Prix weekend, Mercedes never suffered such a defeat again. This last happened in 2012 in Japan. On October 6, record world champion Michael Schumacher finished 13th in the qualifying round at Suzuki. Nico Rosberg finished 15th. Nearly nine and a half years later, another record world champion Lewis Hamilton finished 13th, followed by his teammate George Russell at eleventh. Bitter Hamilton Intelligence: “At this point, every weekend is a rescue operation.”

Drivers consider this a bit stressful: Max Verstappen immediately called for a little Friday reform. Media work, training and qualification in Imola. Working with engineers in between. The Dutch world champion was not happy with the process. “While the racing calendar is exciting, we’re going to be on track for more days because something definitely needs to change,” he said. Verstappen is not alone in his opinion. Rather. In a letter, the drivers’ association expressed concern about Formula 1 management and the International Automobile Federation.

“Oil for the fire”: They should come as often as they want, once a week, once a day. The call of the team boss of Mick Schumacher’s Haas Racing Team is for International Automobile Association inspectors and is. “We have nothing to hide,” Gunder Steiner insisted, and told the Sky Broadcaster: “It’s always been the same. Once we got a good car, we copied it. The partner reportedly focused too much on Ferrari, and Steiner said he had not yet spoken to her about it, and that he was not forced to talk to his co – worker again. “He’s pouring petrol on the fire,” Steiner insisted.

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A little nostalgia: Monaco, that time will come again in a month. Formula 1 Classic. But is there a future for racing in the Chancellor’s narrow streets? Especially with next year’s upcoming Miami premiere and the first new competition in the glossy Las Vegas? Anyway, the deal expires this year. “This is one of the crown jewels of our game,” said seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton about racing, which always feels like going back in time. “I don’t know if it’s good to lose it.”

Daniel Ricciardo, who once won the C டிte d’Azur, praised the overall driving experience. “I want to call them the next generation to enjoy that too,” the Australian said: “because it’s something special.”