June 22, 2024

Sports director Dieter Bethlehem received Muhammad Rast-Teken in Hellbeck.

This is how it goes after SV Hilbeck’s red cards

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to: Thomas Muller and Frank Zollner

Muhammed Rast Tekin (left) was banned from playing for four matches, Sportlice director Dieter Bethlehem surprised that another new signing was not eligible to play. © Zollner

This is how it continues after the red cards of SV Hilbeck players – one of them was not even qualified to play.

Hilbeck – The attacking player for local football club SV Hilbeck has received a four-game ban for “unsportsmanlike behaviour” after he was sent off in a friendly match at FSC Rheda last Friday from Fredy Barthel, the captain in charge. For friendlies in the Soest Football Zone – this applies to friendlies, cups and tournaments. He therefore served a match by making his District Cup appearance against Fatih Sport Whirl in a 6-0 win.

Jonathan Jimenez’s case is more complex. The American was not yet banned because he was not yet eligible to play. He was previously considered a professional in the United States. SV Hilbeck submitted a passport application to change the international club. “The procedure takes 30 days,” Barthel explains. During this time, Jiménez was also not allowed to be used, but the Hilbeckers did (and were fined for it).

Jonathan Jimenez
Jonathan Jimenez was not allowed to play © Zöllner

“He was not qualified to play. But he cannot avoid the penalty because it is an individual penalty,” says Barthel.

So he can only set the penalty once the game pass arrives. “It’s all a bit unfortunate,” Barthel admits. Jiménez saw red in Rheda after a foul, Tekin was fired after the pack formed. Both are missing on Sunday at the start of the District 7 league season in Westönnen.

How does one know that? But next time we will know. As a small club, we never have to deal with such international changes.

In SV Helbeck, one is a little surprised that Jimenez was not eligible to play. Dieter Bethlehem, who admits, however, that this was not a daily change that the SVH team implements there explains: “We assumed we could allow Jonathan Jimenez to play with us as a player without a club and with a guest appearance.”

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“How does one know that? But next time we will know. As a small club, we never have to deal with such international changes,” Bethlehem said. And if so – as in the case of Nassim Hadzibolić two years ago – it was at least a change within Europe. Bethlehem said there was no 30-day period.