This innovative jogging alternative replaces strength training

Road running combines endurance and strength training

Contrary to popular belief, trail running doesn’t mean you have to fight your way over hills and mountains. Literally translated, trail means something like a path or path and they can be found everywhere apart from paved paths and roads. Forest trails, small gravel and uneven terrain, such as those found in city parks, require different muscle groups and they are the same Variety for body and soul – And all in the open air.

When it comes to track running, running experience matters; Pulse rate and speed, but also distance are subject to pleasure in nature. Another advantage: runners move off the beaten path and can train their coordination and concentration skills as they discover new routes and enjoy independence and freedom to the fullest. Research running experts found it Woodland trails and meadows are much gentler on joints due to the soft terrain Than tarmac: Uneven surfaces challenge muscles, tendons, and ligaments more than running on asphalt surfaces.

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In this way, even beginners can become racers

Trail running is a challenge for beginners. But if you follow these tips, you can quickly look forward to a great race in nature, off the beaten path:

Buy good equipment: Running shoes and functional apparel are wise investments; Always seek advice from a local specialty store, as well as to find out what type of runner you are: If you run on the ball of your foot, you need a different shoe than midfoot runners or heel strikers.

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train stability: Exercises such as forearm support, superman or standing balance are appropriate here.

Do warm-up exercises: The shoulders, hips and ankles should be warmed up slowly with rotating movements, and the knees can be prepared for the track with bending movements.

Do easy stretches: Stretching the calf and thigh muscles can improve mobility, make the muscles supple and relieve tension in the short term.

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