December 10, 2023

This indie game has conquered the platform charts

This indie game has conquered the platform charts

Steam charts surprise: The indie game “The Riftbreaker” has apparently become a new favorite for gamers.

So that’s what the darling of new Steam users looks like.

The basics in brief

  • With “The Riftbreaker” Steam has a new favorite on its platform.
  • The game became a favorite in record time.

Suddenly everyone is talking about it, or in all game libraries: “The Riftbreaker” is surprisingly new in the charts InternetSteam distribution platform appeared. And that’s shortly after it was posted! A small discount definitely doesn’t hurt either.

The Riftbreaker is a top-down action RPG with hack, slash and tower defense elements. The graphics also seem to be attractive to gamers. The game was released on October 14, 2021 and a day later it was already in the charts: in the comments you can see That many players “The Riftbreaker” has been waiting.

Steam: “The Riftbreaker” convinces users

You play in the game itself as a scientist who can travel through the so-called rifts. Your goal is to survive on a strange alien planet. Find out as much as possible about their surroundings.

Not only do you have to defend yourself and your life – you also have to build a base and collect samples. So everything a player’s heart desires is included.

With 30-40 hours of gameplay, the game isn’t the biggest, that’s for sure. There is also no multiplayer at the moment.

Who is interested You must decide soon. The game is still for sale on Steam until October 21. Even if it’s just a simple discount.

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