February 22, 2024

This chat shows the messaging service that collects data

This chat shows the messaging service that collects data

Not all messaging apps are created equal … Photo: watson / Web Share


Do you want to agree to the new WhatsApp terms and conditions? Then you should read this conversation in advance

WhatsApp sets an ultimatum: either accepting the new terms and conditions or changing the messaging program. This fake chat log explains why Threema and Signal are currently gaining so many new users.

WhatsApp users know this: for weeks now, when you open the app, you have been asked to enter the new Agree to the terms of use.

“As part of the Facebook company, WhatsApp receives information from other Facebook companies and also shares the information with other Facebook companies.”

Terms of use for WhatsApp

Who will refuse? After May 15, 2021 The WhatsApp Business as usual at first, but after a few weeks it is finally over. This reminder will then be displayed permanently and the app will only be usable on a very limited scale.

With this tip, WhatsApp is trying to convince its users. Screen capture: watson

WhatsApp now clearly says:

“After a few weeks, this reminder will be displayed permanently. Once you get a permanent reminder, WhatsApp will restrict your jobs until you accept the changes. “

The WhatsApp

Those who refuse will not be able to access the app’s chat list after a few weeks. This means that only new messages can be read or replied to via notifications.

Even if you have already agreed to the new terms and conditions, there are good reasons for less data-needed alternatives like Threema Or to use the signal. Maybe this fictional chat history seems familiar to you …

Threema and Signal are especially data efficient.

WhatsApp has become a payment service and online store.

Anonymity is privacy what is encryption for security.

Signal is just as easy to use as WhatsApp.

Originally, WhatsApp users must agree to the new terms and conditions by February 8, 2021. After a protest tower, millions of users have immigrated. For alternatives like Signal, Telegram, and Threema. The WhatsApp So cancer nowadays And extended Deadline is until May 15th.

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More about data protection:

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Your Volla Phone gives you once more control over your data


Your Volla Phone gives you once more control over your data

Do we now have to delete all WhatsApp or what is it actually?

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Threema is the new WhatsApp – and beat the competition by a wide margin

Who would have thought that the best messaging app in the world would not come from Silicon Valley, but rather Lake Zurich. Personal analysis.

I have been working with Swiss safe envoy Threema for eight years. I published my first article on this topic in December 2012. Title: “The Swiss Response to WhatsApp”. The first app at the time was only available for iPhone, and it was free at launch. In an interview, developer Manuel Kasper promised an early release of the Android version that many users had requested. And the:

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He kept his word. Unlike WhatsApp.

Some may remember that there is a soul …

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