April 23, 2024

This Canadian chess player is creating a sensation

Andrea Bottes is now enjoying a growing fan base. A 20-year-old Canadian woman has been playing chess for 14 years – and now she’s considered “the most beautiful” in her field.

Botez owes its popularity above all to its presence on social media. There, the chess player not only streams videos about chess, but also likes to show off in revealing outfits.

The Vancouver-based Canadian also has a knack for posting pictures of cosplay and costumes online.

At the age of 13, she became the women’s champion in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Then he discovered social media with his sister.

On Twitch, the two now have over a million followers on their joint channel. Andrea Bottes already owns almost half of Instagram.

DJing as a hobby, Andrea Botes recently took up boxing. Reason: Chess Boxing.

In this game, two opponents alternate between chess and boxing rounds in a boxing ring. In boxing a fight can be decided by a knockout or technical knockout.

Or checkmate your opponent on the board. A fight also ends when a player’s chess time runs out – or when someone gives up.

Andrea Bottes Controversially Loses His First Chess Boxing Fight Due to a referee’s error, he was recognized as the winner. Now his fans are expecting more matches.

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