This browser can get you into trouble

Now there is a wide range of browsers, some of which specialize in games or videos. One of them is still very young and can become a problem for users.

Something small:

  • Dezor Browser is conquering the App Store charts and is currently the #1 most downloaded app.
  • In fact, it is a media player, with ties to Rokkr, Vavoo, and Watched.
  • Using Dezor can be problematic because it is not clear whether or not data mining is taking place.
  • In addition, in many cases, the use is unlikely to be legal because the copyrighted and paid content is accessed for free.

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What makes Dezor so special?

Dezor Browser is a free web browser, but many users use it as a media player.

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Dezor is a relatively new web browser and is currently the most downloaded app in the App Store. This is by no means because Dezor is as revolutionary as the developers who sell it on their website. Firefox, Chrome & Co. Much better.

Instead, Dezor hides a media player through which a lot of paid streaming content can also be accessed for free. So it is not surprising Within the service also connections to world famous streaming app Rokkr, Vavoo, and Watched, and its existence is suspected Same developer Actions.

But using Dezor is not without risks. Not only in terms of data protection – in many cases it also seems extremely unlikely that such use would be legal.

Dezor: Copyright often questionable

It is currently not clear how long Dezor will be available in this form.

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Dezor is not only available for iPhone and iPad, but for all popular platforms. An all-in-one VPN connection, ad blocker, and the premise of offering a modern, future-proof browser that’s been thought out from the ground up is heralded.

But in fact, Dezor is rarely used for surfing the Internet. Instead, many users use the Swiss-based company’s tool as a media player. This is exactly where the problem begins, which sooner or later will not only lead to a browser crash.

In fact, Dezor allows playback of copyright protected media and is often not free.

Is Dzor illegal and dangerous?

On its website, Dezor is advertised as a VPN and ad blocker – but in reality, that’s a dubious promise.

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As with Watched, Rokkr, and Vavoo, the use is basically not prohibited or illegal. Instead, it depends on the content being retrieved and how the respective tool is used.

If you use Dezor, Watched & Co. To play copyrighted content from paid subscriptions to Netflix, Disney+ or DAZN, you may run into issues with it. In addition, it is questionable whether Dezor really lives up to its promises.

User data may be collected and monetized when used. Therefore, you should not enter personal or sensitive data such as passwords into Dezor Browser. It is also unclear if the VPN connection is actually a “real” VPN service.

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What legal alternatives are there?

MediathekView has long been popular as an interface for aggregating video content.

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If you want to stream series and movies for free, you should better switch to the legal alternatives. In addition to Netflix & Co. There is a large selection of free series and movies for a long time:

  • Rokkr has grabbed some headlines in the past, but who is on Legal URL sources Limited, which gives you a first-class streaming tool.
  • Filmfriend aggregates the offerings of all German, Austrian, Swiss and Luxembourg libraries into one streaming service and can be used for free with a library card.
  • MediathekViewWeb collects media libraries from ARD, ZDF and Arte, thus offering a wide range of movies and series for free.

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