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The money the federal government paid for the Moderna vaccine will be used in part to go to Lonza’s Visp VS site. Health Minister Alain Bercet told media in Bern on Wednesday that the purchase agreement included a corresponding clause.

When asked by a reporter, Pearcett confirmed again that there had been a letter from Lonza and a phone conversation in Spring 2020. They both led to a meeting on the technical level.

Health Minister Alain Bercet spoke to the media in Bern on Wednesday. (Archive photo: Keystone)

This meeting meant that Switzerland very quickly began talks and negotiations with Moderna regarding a vaccine. “The contract also provides for a portion of Switzerland’s money to be allocated to the production of vaccines at VispVS,” said Berset.

Additionally, on March 11 of this year, he attempted to contact Lonza President Albert Bhenni over the phone – to no avail. “Until today the connection has not been established. I assume that will happen now very quickly. “

Communications between the federal government and Lonza Valais in Vis has sparked a debate about potential federal investments in vaccine production. The main question was whether the Federal Council turned down an offer from Lonza to purchase a vaccine production facility.

The Business Review Committee of the National Council (GPK-N) will deal with the federal government’s communications with Lonza regarding vaccine production, as it became known on Tuesday. It will also be investigated whether Switzerland has easy access to Moderna vaccine.

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