December 3, 2023

Thieves use "Gameboy" to steal cars

Thieves use “Gameboy” to steal cars

British police have arrested three car thieves who use a device to control one of them Nintendo Game Boy Similar to car theft with a total value of £180,000.

Dylan Armor, Christopher Bowes and Thomas Paulson stole five Mitsubishi Outlanders using the device to bypass car security systems, the BBC reports. The device in question is worth £20,000 and is able to open and start the car “in seconds”, according to the West Yorkshire Police Department.

However, upon closer examination, it turns out that the intricate inner workings are wrapped in cheap housing in fake Game Boy style, as is often found in replicas of old Nintendo notebooks from the Far East.

Could the casing of such a cheap replica have been simply used?

The three men were sentenced to prison at Leeds Crown Court after pleading guilty to conspiracy to steal. They were arrested after stealing a Mitsubishi Outlander from a driveway in Scholes on July 20 this year.

Video footage showed them pulling the car out of the charging station before using a Game Boy-like device to turn the engine on. When she was captured, the mysterious device was found in a hidden compartment in the car.

In addition, footage from T. Poulson’s smartphone showed the person demonstrating how quickly the device was used to get into a car, accompanied by a sarcastic comment.

West Yorkshire Police added that it would take a “significant investment” to obtain one of the “high-end devices”, noting that the thefts were certainly “planned crimes”.

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Armer was sentenced to 30 months in prison. Paulson and Bose each received 22 months in prison, with a two-year suspended sentence.